Dinesh Arnaud Mackie was born in Mauritius, and immigrated to Australia at 2 years of age, Dinesh has had a strong spiritual inclination since an early age,which eventually drew him to India in 1989. He was Inspired by the deep spirituality and devotion of its people and this sacred land. He spent several years living and traveling through India. He was greatly influenced by India’s classical and devotional music that is deeply rooted in spirituality. It was at that time he began singing kirtans and playing free improvised music. Both, he feels are very accessible to anyone who is open and willing to be involved.

During this time he was drawn to Tibetan Buddhism and Vipassana meditation for several years. He spent time with Sadhu’s and Swami’s (wandering ascetics and monks).Throughout his travels in the Indian Himalaya he came across a book called The Yoga Vasistha. An ancient text that points to the realisation of ones essential nature. This kindled a longing to find a master who lived this truth.

He traveled to London and busked his way through the UK and Europe with his didgeridoo, drum and flute. During this time he read a passage from a book called “Wake up and Roar” – Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). He immediately recognised that this was the man that lived the truth, that was written about in the Yoga Vasistha. This compelled him to seek out Papaji.

In 1993 he returned to India and met his beloved Master, HWL Poonja (Papaji).This was a profound meeting that changed his life and continues to this day. “Being with Papaji and playing music in his presence was pure joy and silence”. For Dinesh music and kirtan is an expression and celebration of Joy and Silence. Dinesh has a strong connection to Ramana Marharshi and Arunachala. He has also been influenced and

inspired by other wonderful Non Dual teachers, pointing to the same innate Truth.

The instruments he plays are the shakuhachi (japanese flute), percussion and didgeridoo. He feels percussion is like the heartbeat and the didgeridoo like an Om, in music, ceremonies and trance. He also uses the didgeridoo for sound/vibration healing. He enjoys exploring spontaneous, free and improvised expression. He studied the shakuhachi with Riley Lee.

The haunting sound and meditative qualities of the shakuhachi attracted him to this beautiful instrument.

He continues to explore and enjoy the infinite depth and beauty of music.

For the last 6 years he has been playing with Sangeeta, Asakti and Kunda known together as Lucknow Sankirtan.