Kunda describes Devotional Music as … “an invitation, where everyone’s presence and participation creates an atmosphere and possibility for Love, peace and joy to be revealed – a bridge to where we already are”. His songs are a fusion of ancient Sanskrit chanting and English contemporary compositions. Playing 12 string guitar and singing, his songs in their directness and simplicity, offer everyone the opportunity to sing and meet in silence.

For Kunda there had always been a driving passion to know the truth and possibility, beyond the day to day routine and predictability of life. Born in Australia, music was a constant love and inspiration for him. At the age of 16 he started playing guitar, and constantly created his own songs and melodies in his persistent attempt to convey his more intimate feelings and emotions.

In 1975 at 20, Kunda was introduced to Chanting and Devotional Music while living at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Western Australia. Since that time, and not adhering to any particular tradition or genre, he has continued to play guitar, write songs, and share his passion for truth and freedom through his own style of Devotional Music

In 1976, feeling the separation between performers and audience, he started holding informal non-performance based music groups. Everyone, regardless of vocal and musical ability were invited and encouraged to play and sing. For Kunda, the profound presence revealed through this co-created music, was an experience of the sacredness of music.

From 1989, Kunda lived in India for four years. That was a very transformational period in his life. He has immense gratitude to have met both Osho Rajneesh, and Papaji.He spent time at Osho Commune Pune, and also lived in the North India Himalaya. In1992 he travelled to Lucknow, where he met “Papaji” (H.W.L. Poonja). That profound and precious meeting, and the Love, grace, gratitude and revelation from that meeting, is the heart of Kunda’s songs.

Since 2002, Kunda has been living in the beautiful Byron Bay region of Australia. For the past 6 years he has been playing and singing with Sangeeta, Asakti and Dinesh, holding weekly Kirtan Devotional Music evenings. They also play regularly for yoga groups, and at other ongoing kirtan devotional music events. In 2010, Kunda played at “The Bali Spirit Festival”, an annual celebration of yoga dance and music in Bali Indonesia.

Since 2010 Kunda with Sangeeta, Asakti and Dinesh have called themselves “Lucknow Sankirtan” a band in love with this moment. Kunda is also in the process of recording his first CD with Kamal Engles, producer of the 2011 Grammy Award Nominated Album, “Pure Sounds” by The Gyuto Monks of Tibet.

“Devotional Music and singing, is an invitation, a catalyst, it’s not really about the music and singing, it’s the opportunity music and singing bring – a chance to stop, and rest in this peace joy and silence. Everyone is invited to sing, we invite this ever-present song of the heart to sing – this song of silence.” Kunda