Lucknow Sankirtan


As a group and as an experience, we are universal, versatile, flexible, open, playful, innocent, all inclusive and embracing. Not strictly anything.

We incorporate chants, mantras, English compositions and Bhajans. We mix Indian and eclectic melodies, instruments and rhythms. We do Kirtan. We love to pass on the joy and the goodness of singing and expressing the mystery, the spirit, the heart, and it’s longing.

Our theme is "Devotional Music" in any package possible. Our premise is to support everyone to open up to it and to let it change you. Listen, sing it, and love it. 

This is beautiful music that speaks of love, truth, peace and beauty, relating to the inner-most core of existence, and of the essential relationship with oneself, where two dissolve – never were. Singing is natural, liberating, uplifting and empowering and is a total body experience, where you use every particle of your being and offer it in song. 

Singing to your own self about beauty, love, peace, and the highest truth and values, you educate your own mind to listen, your heart to rejoice and your nature to shine. Beautiful music from the heart, about the heart. It’s pleasing, sattvic, instructive, warm and loving and relates to the source and touches the heart. 

Relating to the source is empowering. Connecting to oneself, to essence, to presence, and to sing from here. No past, no future. To sing as one voice is empowering. To awaken oneself is empowering.

Chanting is revolutionary. You don’t need special skills, and you do not need to be a good singer or talented musician, just the fire to offer yourself through your voice in song, and the courage to plunge in the journey home through music with another. 

Chanting is a revolution because you regain the autonomy of your own voice and the voice of your own heart, because it awakens you to oneself, to the source of peace and happiness, because it takes you deeper into your own self, and places the attention within. It is not about becoming, it’s about being, and gives direction in life. 

This is not music for entertainment. This is not for you to become anything or be taken anywhere. This music involves your whole being. Here, you offer through your voice in sound, your whole self, in surrender and dive into the depths of your being.