• Devotional singing is one of the most elegant ways I have found for connecting with my spirit – which then leads me on an inner journey of healing and spontaneous insight in life-situations that have been perplexing me.  As I sing and open my heart more and more, I experience an awakening to joy as I remember the blissful nature of reality and move beyond the mind into the divine.  Often I feel to move to dance as I sing, and in that unified expression is a freedom and a deep courage that emerges in me that really nourishes me in my daily life. I love the space you guys hold for this process – it feels very clean and pure and humble to me.


  • I have kirtan again tonight…I’m excited. I just love it, brings me into my core of joy. Sometimes when I’m chanting my heart swells and my eyes fill up with tears and I can’t stop smiling…I just feel so much joy when I’m chanting those silly Sanskrit words I don’t even understand…I don’t even know if they’re Sanskrit…I have no idea what I’m singing sometimes…that’s why it’s so profound.  To just sit and chant with a group of other people is soul retrieval…I love it!!!


  • For me “Kirtan Devotional Music and Singing” offers an opportunity to submerse myself in the quietness of my heart. To find my mind empty and a feeling of total well being flood through me. I can walk in the room feeling totally jangled from a busy day and within moments the world fades away and stillness prevails. It is such a deep blessing and one I am continually grateful for. Feeling almost instant blissfulness is guaranteed!
    Thank you for maintaining this gift in my life!

    Pratima from Bali, Indonesia.

  • Singing devotional music gives me probably more joy than anything else I know. It nourishes me to my soul (or depths of my being). The beauty of the voices and music is also very moving. It can uplift and transform me if I’ve been feeling a bit crappy. It’s like you vibrate at a higher level and you are left feeling very present and joyful and enriched. I love it!

    Love Katey.

  • Thanks so much for making these evenings, you’re singing and playing has allowed me to connect with chanting in a more powerful way. Since I started chanting with you I feel that I really connect in a new and deeper way with the sense that ‘love brings us together and love is all that there is’.

    Love Caj

  • I cannot tell you what a joy it was to sing with you all at the yoga centre.  To have my children and husband to share in what I so deeply love…. was the biggest blessing…. and the music and the joy!!!!!  Many thanks. I know our paths shall keep crossing.

    With love and peace, Michele