• Sangeeta – Ghungate Ke

    From the Putumayo Compilation 2010 Yoga CD.
    The lyrics of “Ghungate Ke”, sung by Chilean artist Sangeeta, are drawn from a poem by 15th century mystic poet Kabir.
    “Remove your veil and you will meet your beloved
    In the temple of your heart a flame is burning
    Wake up and explore your internal palace
    And you will find the priceless jewel.”


  • Sangeeta & Jai Uttal – Jai Ma Durga

    Jai Uttal and Sangeeta in Mullumbimby – February 2010.


  • Kunda – Awaken This Heart

    This is a song from my  CD  that I’m recording together with  ”Lucknow Sankirtan”, and other  musicians from Byron Bay Australia.
    “Everyone we meet, and everything we see, awakens and reveals this ever present open heart.
    A sunrise, or looking into the eyes of our  Spiritual Teacher, Partner, Child or a Stranger – there’s only this Love, there’s only ever now “


  • Lucknow Sankirtan – At Yoga Peace


  • Lucknow Sankirtan – Hari Krishna


  • Lucknow Sankirtan


  • Lucknow Sankirtan – Sangeeta’s Home